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Happy Birthday Oscar

Our big pud is 4 years old today. Oscar is a big, handsome, lovely boy that everybody who meets him falls in love with.

Over the last year he has really developed a stronger personality, and has created a little gang with Dusky and Kasper.

He is far more demanding for attention these days, and has taken to sleeping on the bed a lot more.

He still remains a total nutcase though, but a loveable one!

We are lucky to have him, not least because some friends saved him from drowning in the Marina and fostered him until he was about to go to Germany, but then they had to go to the UK at short notice so we ended up with him for a week ….. and the rest as they say is history.

So today the big pud will get some prawns which he loves, lots of fuss and as we are doing some painting will no doubt enjoy rummaging around in the mess as we move everything around!

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