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Happy Birthday Oscar

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Oscar (aka Big Pud) is six (6) years old today. I should start by saying that the handsome fella is less of a big pud than he used to be as he is losing weight on the new cat food we have switched to (more of that later on www.alstrays.com, but to us he will always be the big lovely friendly pudding that we love as Oscar.

Very much part of ‘team Mori’ (Moreno, Oscar and Fleur) he is really good mates with Kasper and they are often to be found curled up in a basket together – although I suspect he has tolerated Kasper joining him rather than gone looking for Kasper.

For a big fella he is very active and agile and loves to chase the ‘light gun thing’ around the apartment. He does like his food though, especially prawns and tuns so that will be his treat today.

He also likes a fuss, jumping up onto the drawers for a bit of ‘kinky bottom’ at every opportunity.

I know you are losing weight fella and it suits you: slimmer, shiny fur, less shedding of fur, but you will always be the big cat with the big heart and we couldn’t love you more.

Happy Birthday xx

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