Happy Birthday Oscar

Oscar aka Big Pud is seven (7) years old today, and you would struggle to find a happier, gentler cat.

He is one of those cats that just loves life: loves his food, loves his mates (Moreno & Fleur in particular), loves chilling on the roof, loves playing feather, and absolutely adores ‘kinky bottom’ and being brushed.

And to think he (and we) would have missed out on all of this love if he hadn’t been spotted drowning in the port and been encouraged to swim to safety (where he bit his rescuers bless him!)

This is always a bitter sweet week for us (see later post) as we lost Orla this week, but if we hadn’t we wouldn’t have kept Oscar when he came in to be fostered for a week before going to Germany.

So happy birthday Big Pud, enjoy your day as you do everyday!!!

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