Happy Birthday Teo

2015-01-15 22.20.43

Teo is Six (6) years old today, and he will no doubt spend it like he spends every day: bit of a lie in in his basket by the side of the bed, followed by a walk and run in the Nature Reserve for an hour. Next up is breakfast (wet food and chicken – dry food is in bowls throughout the day), then a nap up on the roof in the sun. Pop downstairs for a pee then off to the sofa for a kip. About 6pm off for a walk round the streets to have a good sniff, then a snuggle up on the sofa for the evening (probably with Teo and Kasper). Last pee, bite to eat, then off to his basket by the side of the bed.

He deserves every minute of it. His body shows some wear and tear from his hunting days but he is a loveable fella who gets on with absolutely everyone and all dogs (not so keen on snappy little sods off their leads).

As for us, we couldn’t have rescued a better fella.

Enjoy your day my friend, knowing you are loved and safe and very very much appreciated.

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