Happy Birthday Tigra

Our little princess, Tigra, is five (5) years old today!

She still remains more than a little nervous around new comers and children, but once she knows you and is comfortable with you she is super friendly and loving.

After not the greatest start to life she has been fortunate to have two superb men in her life. Teo (RIP) was perfect for her when she arrived as he was very protective and patient with her, and he really helped her appreciate and enjoy life.

Tito on the other hand is just a bundle of joy and energy, and loves everyone, so he has helped her become more confident this last year. And less nervy which means she has put on a little weight (less burning of nervous energy).

She is good with all the cats, and still runs like a young un, although she has had to accept Tito is faster than her!!!

Beach, chicken, and the sofa beckon for our Princess.

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