Headset Buddy

Picked up a couple of neat headset adapters recently from the aptly named Headset Buddy company, that specialise in adapters for your headsets. As such it is possible, and extremely easy, to use your existing headsets with your PC, Mac, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Home Phone, Office Phone etc.

Having recently embarked on a bit of a de cluttering project I am all for anything that means that I can use less for more.

Now to be honest there isn’t much to review with products like this …….. they work! They are easy to connect (I mean you just plug one end into headset and the other end into the phone, computer etc) and that is it! The cables, refreshingly, aren’t excessivly long so don’t add metres of black cable to your set up, and they are colour coded in a pretty standard way to conform to most of your existing devices. The quality of the audio isn’t impaired at all, delivery was extremely prompt and they do exactly what I wanted them to do!

They are cheap enough, roughly between $6 and $10 depending on what you buy, packaged in a neat way and thankfully in small packages so not a big dent in the old carbon footprint!

Ode To The Headset Buddy

Thought the ‘ode’ that they included was pretty neat

I love my comfy headset,
People can actually hear me,
If only I could use it,
With my iPhone, home phone and PC!

Just when I thought all hope was lost,
After wandering aimlessly,
I finally found what I was looking for,
An adapter called the Headset Buddy.

You’ve saved me time and clutter,
You’ve saved me money too,
Use my headset with phones & PC’s?
Thanks to Headset Buddy,
My dream has come true.

Available Products

PC Headset to Phone – you can use your PC headset with home, office and mobile phones, they are available for both 2.5mm anf 3.5mm phones so work well with your iPhone, Blackberry, smart phones as well as regular mobile phones.

Phone Headset to PC – you can use your 2.5mm phone headset with your computer.

2.5mm Phone Headset to Smartphone – you can use your 2.5mm phone headset with your iPhone, Blackberry or any smartphone that has a 3.5mm headset jack.


  • Save money by using existing headsets
  • Use existing headset with ALL phones and computers
  • Reduce clutter
  • 1 Year Warranty

Some Techy Stuff

Connectors: Ni plating
Standard: Eu RoHS
Power: supplied by components


PC Headset Buddy: Female 3.5mm 2-channel microphone, female 3.5mm 2-channel headphone, male 2.5mm/3.5mm 3-channel mic/audio, 20cm

Phone Headset Buddy: Female 2.5mm 3-channel mic/audio, male 3.5mm 2-channel microphone, male 3.5mm 2-channel headphone, 7cm

Phone Headset Buddy for Smartphones: Female 2.5mm 3-channel mic/audio, male 3.5mm 3-channel mic/audio, 7cm

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