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Healthier Lifestyle

Anyone that follows me on Twitter (MyAppleStuff) or is a Facebook Friend (almerimarlife) you may have noticed that in the last week I have started to do some (very) light training again.

Tempting as it may be to assume that this is a New Years Resolution, let me say clearly that is not the case! The need to adopt a healthier lifestyle has been apparent to me for a long time, but with all the driving (ALStrays Tranport) I did last year, and the cough and cold over Christmas and the New Year it has just taken a while to find a long enough period of time to get started without having to stop straight away.

Keeping it simple I am just trying to go back to a healthier balance in life. I am far too old and have far too many long term injuries (knee, neck, back, shoulder and hip) to ever be really fit again, nor would I want to commit the necessary time and effort (and sacrifices) that it would entail.

Which means that I still want to enjoy a good glass bottle of red from time to time!

I have no great aspirations to run a marathon or anything although I am very vaguely tempted by a Triathlon as I reckon that is the one event I would have been tempted by if they had it when I was a youngster: I have always enjoyed cycling and swimming and although have never enjoyed running always had to do it because of the football.

No what I want is a healthier sustainable lifestyle: with regards to the transports that means finding a way to eat healthier

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