Hedgehogs’ Deadly Enemy In Your Postbox

Elastic bands may be easily forgotten, but they put local wildlife, such as hedgehogs, in serious danger. We have to stand up to keep these creatures safe!

When Royal Mail employees disentangle your newspaper to deposit it in your postbox, they probably drop the elastic band on the ground, forgotten and nearly unnoticeable. Unfortunately, those bands often end up wrapped around the bodies of local wildlife — where they can cause serious harm.

Hedgehogs and other creatures are unable to escape the bands, meaning that as they grow larger, the bands dig more and more deeply into their skin. Eventually, the rubber begins to cut into their internal organs, putting the animals in danger of serious injury or even death.

And all this suffering has a simple solution. If the Royal Mail stopped using rubber bands around the papers they deliver, they’d save immense amounts of money every year. Plus, our native animals wouldn’t be subject to immense amounts of unnecessary pain.

Please sign the petition to ask the Royal Mail to phase out the use of elastic bands and to better train their posties on the ways to keep hedgehogs and other local wildlife safe.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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