Help Put and End to Moon Bear Poaching and Trafficking!

Moon bear poaching (and the industry which fuels it) is a nasty, horrific business. Sometimes mother bears are killed so the cubs can be taken and sold to the highest bidder. Other times, the animals are taken at any age and held in tiny cages and integrated into a shady but technically legal breeding facility.

More must be done to stop the poaching and trafficking of these bears. Please sign!

The poaching of these bears has been illegal since 1992, and all signs point to the bear bile industry being a dying one. However, there is still some demand for bear bile, which is used by some traditional medical practitioners to treat a variety of ailments. The efficacy of bear bile as medicine has repeatedly been debunked, but there are still legal farms in China where bears are held in tiny cages until the bile can be extracted.

This is obviously a multi-faceted problem. But there is a clear place to start: we can prioritize catching and prosecuting poachers and cut some of the industry off at the source. Please join the call to stop moon bear poaching by signing this petition!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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