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Home Alone

Just back from dropping Sands at the airport as she is off to the UK for a week, which means I am ‘home alone’ for the week. Nothing particularly interesting about that, other than the (outdated) responses I got when I told people.

A neighbour responded with “I know who I will be feeding then this week”, err no! I am more than capable of going to the supermarket to do one shop that will last me the week. In fact I enjoy it. Takes me back to the days I lived alone in my first cottage when I first started work. Then (and now) I really enjoyed been ‘home alone’ and perfected the art of one shop, one cook, one week of food!

A guy in the local bar responded with “I guess we will be seeing more of you then”, err why? Does he think that Sands has me on a leash, that I need permission to go to the bar, that there is something magical about been in a bar every day? Trust me if I wanted to be in the bar (or anywhere else) more frequently then I would be.

Sands and I are two individuals. We do a lot together, but we enjoy our own time, and we are both pretty strong characters to say the least!

As we spend so much time together it is good for both of us when we have time apart (one reason – apart from the animals – that we never go away together), so why would I want to ‘waste’ that time by being in a bar more?

Boring as it may sound (and it sounds it because it is) my week will be spent doing the following: walking the dogs (a lot), being up on the roof with the cats (a lot), riding my road bike and mountain bike (a lot), reading books (a lot), exercising (a lot), sleeping (a lot), thinking (hardly at all), going to the bar (maybe twice), talking to people (as little as possible).

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but just about perfect for me!

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