HP Luxury Smartwatch

It is only a matter of time before I get myself a Smartwatch, despite the fact that I have absolutely no requirement for them and am far from convinced that they would make life any easier.

But I love gadgets and I love watches. SO far it has been easy to avoid getting one as the Smartwatches that I have seen to date have all looked very ‘sporty’ and haven’t appealed at all.

The HP/Guilt Android and iOS compatible smartphone, designed by Michael Bastian looks very interesting indeed. It will feature a circular, 44mm stainless steel case and swappable bands: black rubber, brown leather, olive green nylon and a limited edition black.

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 11.28.26 AM

Bastian says the design cues came from luxury automobiles, namely interior features like the dashboard and trim. Meanwhile, HP will add the watch’s smart features, which will include notifications like email, text and calls, along with user controls for music and other apps. HP will also supply the software, meaning the watch may be platform-agnostic and not tied to Android Wear, for instance. Engadget

Due out in the Autumn, but no idea of prices yet.

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