ImageWell Reloaded

You wil no doubt have noticed the new ImageWell banner on the top of the page. Prior to that I had a (very) small banner in the sidebar with the promotional offer for readers of this site.

So why have I given ImageWell such prominence on the site now? Well first up they aren’t paying me, they are not a sponsor or an advertiser. Second up, I do earn money from them – the more you buy the more I earn! The main reason though is that the sales have been remarkably good from such a small banner in the sidebar, so I know that rate the product and the fact that you can save $5 (CAD) when you purchase through the site, so having run it for 5 months now I figured that as I was having a general tidy up of the site following the thoughts on the future direction of the blog, I would push the offer a bit more.

As you can see this isn’t something I have rushed into!!! I like the guys over at xtralean, and I know that readers are enjoying both the product and the price, so this way hopefully every wins!

You can read more about the application, download a full trial version, or buy it for the reduced price of $14.95 (CAD) with code CMRIW here

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  1. [quote comment=””]Sure post this a week after I buy it. Great.[/quote]

    The offer has been in the Sidebar for 5 months 🙂

    See it pays to read the ‘whole blog’ at times!

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