Indonesia: Shut down the “death zoo!”

A sick and emaciated Sumatran tiger named Melani died after being rescued from appalling conditions at Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia. Melani was suffering from a digestive disorder after being fed tainted meat. She was so sick that even a specialized veterinarian could not save her.

Jordyn was horrified when she learned about Melani’s death, so she started a Care2 petition demanding that officials in Indonesia shut down the zoo. Will you sign it?

Unbelievably, Melani is one of hundreds of animals who have died from neglect at Surabaya Zoo. Animals at the zoo live in overcrowded, dirty enclosures and are often starved or abused.

In addition to Melani, three tigers, dozens of Komodo dragons and a giraffe have died recently, earning Surabaya the nickname “death zoo.”

We can’t stand by and let these animals continue to die slow and painful deaths. With enough pressure, Indonesian officials may agree to close Surabaya Zoo and let the animals go to a sanctuary. Sign the Care2 petition demanding that the zoo be shut down today!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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