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Instagram’s big bet on video doesn’t stop at 60 seconds

Detailed article over on Engadget regarding the challenges that Instagram faced extending the 15 second video (which they only recently introduced) to the 60 second clip option.

Solution lay in the hands of Instagrams parent company Facebook, and that is where I lose the plot, so to speak.

I tried Instagram years ago but it was an epic fail for me as it seemed to me that the it was just a duplicate of Facebook? Pretty much everyone that was on Facebook followed or asked to be followed on Instagram and the photos were the same, not least because they were cross posted onto the same platforms.

I get having multiple social media accounts if they are for different markets, projects etc as we do with our ALStrays Re-Homing & Transport Social Media where we use accounts specifically, and solely, for unique activities.

We even have an Instagram Account which I try and use to only post photos relating the Pet Transports between Spain, Germany, Holland, Belgium and the UK, but I don’t think there is one person that follows us on Instagram that hasn’t ‘Liked’ our Facebook Page

Sorry but I just don’t get the point of Instagram?

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