Internet Explorer losing users as other browsers set share records

As a Mac user I only ever use IE when testing something out via VMware Fusion, or when I get talked into helping out a neighbour or client with their PC, and each time I come away asking myself why??? – with Firefox, Safari and now Chrome all available across both platforms it just doesn’t make sense to me!

Anayway according to a recent report on Engadget it seems that more people are seeing the error of their ways

In the last quarter, Chrome, Safari and Opera all set new personal bests for browser market share with 4.63, 4.46 and 2.4 percent respectively. This period marks the first time Chrome has beaten Safari to third spot, while their collective prosperity comes at the expense of IE, which continues to hemorrhage users at a rate of 0.92 percentage points a month. Microsoft’s 62.7 percent slice might still look mighty, but projections from Net Applications suggest it could shrink to below 50 percent by May of this year. Unless something magical happens. You’ll probably also want to know that Net Applications monitors incoming traffic to over 40,000 websites and generates a sample size of about 160 million unique visitors each month — making the veracity of its claims pretty robust. One hidden sign of our collective laziness: 21 percent of all users last quarter were still fulfilling their browsing needs with IE 6

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