iOS5 Thoughts

Have been using iOS5 for a few days now and it it very good. That though isn’t the point, it is from Apple so it should be good. It should also be over hyped and fueled by the fanatical fanboys and sites, and again no disappointment.

iOS5 has done what Apple ‘does best’ taken a bunch of stuff that we should have had in the first place, combined it with features available on other devices and called it a new release.

Take notifications: love it, but basically the same as has been available on jail broken devices for ages. iMessage, very cool: but think BlackBerry, Viber, WhatsApp …..

As for mail: you mean I can now flag a message!

Tabbed browsing in Safari ….. stop it, the technological advances are just too much.

All very neat and useful tweaks, but that is what they are. Once again Apple has squeezed the maximum exposure out of the minimum of changes, but that is what they are very very good at.

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