iPetition Cough Up Refund At Last!

When I first thought of setting up the Monarch Airlines Petition I had a look around for a online service that would allow me to integrate with the site, so that people visited the site at some stage in the process. Of all the ones that I looked at (and there aren’t many that provide this option at anything like a affordable price!) iPetitions seemed perfect on first impressions.

Oh dear what is it that they say about first impressions?!

In theory it is a great solution, and who knows it may well be in practice …… if you can figure out how to get it to work! It was easy enough to set up the free online petition, but they aren’t customizable so you can’t embed them with into your site. Having tried with two I sent the relevant emails off to support asking them to remove the petitions. I also asked them for some help on how to set up a Custom Petition ……. 10 days later, the petitions are still online and I have not heard back from them!

When you sign up you get a free credit to try a Custom Petition but I thought I would pay the $49 for the full service, and they happily took my money off PayPal. After a dozen more attempts to set up a Custom Petition, which included asking a few friends to take a look in case I was missing the obvious, the agreed opinion was that the site was rubbish! It is impossible to find out how to set up a Custom Petition, and they don’t communicate. I decided to ask for a refund. Auto reply on the 4th June saying that they had received the request, refund confirmed on the 9th June. For the record I paid on the 1st June.

I would much prefer to have paid my money, received the support I needed and be writing about a great service ………. like AWeber. I recently subscribed to them to set up a newsletter on Almerimar Life (yes I will add one to this site as well very soon!), and I figured that with a bit of tinkering it would make a perfectly adequate petition, and it does.

So every cloud has a silver lining and all that ………. iPetitions loss is AWeber’s and my gain!

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