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iPhone 5 in September

Has long been rumoured that Apple will release both the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 later this year, with September the favourite as far as the iPhone 5 is concerned, and pre Christmas the ‘best bet’ if an iPad 3 is released.

Beyond a faster, more core-crammed CPU and a lighter chassis, the next iPad’s key hoped-for feature is a high-density screen of the type Apple calls a “retina display”, presumably with a 2048 x 1536 resolution.

DigiTimes, which is the main source of most of the recent reports, says that Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron Technology has just taken an order for 15 million iPhone 5s, to begin shipping in September.

Based on the rumours so far, it’s expected that the new iPhone will contain the same A5 processor that is in the iPad 2 and a better camera, possibly an 8-megapixel sensor rather than the 5-megapixels of the iPhone 4. The new handset will apparently look similar to the iPhone 4. However, some rumours have suggested that Apple will release two iPhone models this year, including a cheaper version of the handset.

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