Kenya, Don’t Let Another “Great Tusker” Elephant Die!

“Great tuskers,” or elephants with tusks heavier than 100 pounds, are in extreme danger from poachers — and the largest great tusker on the planet, Satao, was just murdered for his ivory.

“Great tuskers,” or elephants whose tusks weigh more than 100 pounds, are rapidly disappearing from Kenya. And in the middle of June, yet another was murdered for his tusks — Satao, the largest-tusked elephant in Africa, was slaughtered by poachers and left to rot.

When even the biggest tusker on the continent isn’t safe, something has gone terribly wrong. Forty years ago, the first president of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, was moved to save a famous great tusker called Ahmed by granting him official protection from poachers. He assigned the gentle giant five armed game rangers, who were tasked with guarding the elephant around the clock. The plan worked: Ahmed died peacefully of old age.

Unfortunately, Satao had no such luxury. Alone and terrified, he was brutally killed, hi s enormous tusks ripped out of his head to be sold on the black market.

We can’t keep leaving these unique, intelligent animals vulnerable to violence. Kenyatta’s own son, the current president of Kenya, should provide the elephants with the same kind of protection his father did four decades ago. This wouldn’t just keep the individual tuskers safe; it would also demonstrate a level of commitment to conservation for the whole world to witness.

Sign the petition asking Uhuru Kenyatta to grant official protection to the country’s last great tuskers!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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