Kevin Pietersen Is Too Selfish

Just watched Cricket Writers on TV and the introduction to the Sky coverage of the test match and am somewhat amazed at the praise being heaped on Kevin Pietersen!

Sure he batted well, and without doubt he is a class player but ….

He hardly faced a bowl from a left arm spinner, and even then only when he had made 70 or so runs.

For England to win this test they need to ‘push on’ this morning, and who beter than a Not Out KP with 80 or 90 runs under his belt? Just how useful will he be to his team today, when they would most benefit from his undoubted talents, especially now he seems to have found his form, is maybe that should be confidence again.

Instead he will be sat on his backside, after chasing a wide one and personal glory ….. once again putting himself before his team!

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