Kindle Paperweight

Bought a Kindle Paperweight recently. No real reason as I don’t exactly use the Kindle Applications on the iPad, Samsung S4 or Samsung 10.1 much!

Just thought that we should have one really, and have been surprised at how much I like it. One big issue I have with the application on all of the above is that I keep getting tempted to read the emails etc when a notification pops up. Reading should be about ‘getting away from it all’ but that is impossible to do when ‘it all’ comes with you via the device that you are using.

I have no idea (or interest) what the Kindle Paperweight does or doesn’t do. I am only interested in using it to read a book. One thing that I have noticed over the years is that I have got so used to scanning headlines, RSS feeds, Status Updates and Tweets that I find it hard to read long articles. The size of the Kindle Paperweight has been a welcome surprise in that it is so small that the amount of text on a page is just about right for my attention span. Feels like the right amount of words to be reading at any one time.

Battery life has been great. Is nice and light (another issue with the above devices) so hands don’t cramp up, and the cover that I got with it makes it feel a little more like reading a book, both in terms of being natural to hold in both hands and interestingly from a tactile perspective it feels right.

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