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As you know I am in Dubai at the moment, and to say that my typical day is different would be an understatement to say the least!! Here is a post I prepared before I left. Maybe I will post something on my typical day in Dubai, once I figure out what that is and find the time to do it. For now though this is how my life is when I am in Spain. It is somewhat ironic I know that the first paragraph mentions travel when I am actually away at the moment ……………

Life changed quite a lot during 2007 and it is no longer true to say that I am sitting here in Almerimar, semi-retired and blogging for fun. It was always my intention to find a means of paying the bills from our base here and to travel as little as possible, but I hadn’t envisaged working as much as I am doing nor, of enjoying it as much. There are areas of similarity with my old life, but very few, and unlike before I love what I am doing now and the fact that I can do it from home.

Now there is no such thing as a standard day for me, and despite the fact that we get great weather pretty much all year round we do have a winter where the nights draw in earlier and you tend to spend more time indoors. This affects the day to day routine, but it is true to say that the following is a typical day for me all year round.

Since we got Moreno in November 2006 my day tends to have two starts. First one is at 6am when he wakes me up basically to say hello and to be let out on the roof. If I am lucky and get back to sleep the day starts again about 8am when he comes back in and makes it very clear that he thinks we should be getting up and paying him some attention! So far Saidi hasn’t had the same impact as she seems far more placid, but Ithink she is slowly getting more used to being with us and is getting stronger. I don’t think it will be long before she starts demanding more attention.

A lot of my day is spent checking, responding, planning, monitoring and thinking and that starts before I have got up when I check the emails and blog comments on the iPhone while having a cup of tea and a play with Moreno and Saidi. I like to keep on top of things so wherever possible I will reply to emails, moderate comments and post my own comments from the iPhone.

Next up I will check NetNewsWire on the Mac Pro while Sands sorts out some breakfast (seems to be either Porridge or Muesli these days). At this stage I am just trying to identify items that I am going to blog about on the various paying gigs (Miglia, Gadgetalk, Ubiquitous) and to discuss with Sands for Almerimar Life. If I haven’t got sucked into a IM discussion of started to post I like to take breakfast up on the roof and enjoy the early morning sun, play with Moreno (Saidi not really into the rough yet) and chat with Sands about the day ahead and in particular what she is going to do that day with Almerimar Life. If I am feeling motivated I will do some weights up on the roof at the same time before coming in and trying to do my stretches and pilates workout that is more and more necessary the older I get and the more time I spend in front of the Mac.

During the morning I try and get the days target of posts done for the paying gigs, or draft and plan posts for the future. I probably have IM (iChat and Adium) open all day, and I tend to keep an eye on email so that I can keep on top of any new stuff that comes in. Once I have read and flagged news items in NetNewsWire I mark them all as read. That way I work through the flagged itemed and keep an eye on the dock for new items. Sands usually runs errands in the morning so mid morning Moreno tends to curl up on my knee while I type away. Currently Saidi tends to sleep on the sofa or in her basket so no clashes yet for attention with Moreno. I am getting pretty good at the one handed left handed typing that this entails as he likes to curl up in the crook of my right arm. I love this time of day. I may have a podcast running, or I may be transferring a movie off Sky+ onto the Mac. I can’t remember what it is like not to multi task, and the fact that all my meetings and discussions are online now is a real blessing. When Sands comes in we usually have a cup of coffee and a chat, and then if I am feeling virtuos I go for a run. Last year I ran a 20km sponsored run and I am tempted by the thought of a marathon this year!

Run over I will eat some fruit and nuts and go through the same process as the morning checking emails, NetNewsWire, comments etc. Since we moved to Spain we have made a real effort to adopt Spanish customs and one that we really enjoy is having our main meal at lunch. Sands does the majority of the cooking but I can and will cook anything. We eat a lot of vegetarian food, and tend to keep meals as simple as possible. We use fresh ingredients and no ready made meals, but we like to spend as little time as possible on the preparing side of things.

Lunch over I may grab a siesta, watch a movie, catch some sun, catch up on the recorded programs on Sky+ or finish off the mornings tasks before settling down to the main job. Since I got involved in the internet marketing side of life I have had to adapt my hours much more to US times as that is when the bulk of the Internet activity takes place. My colleagues are spread all around the world so IM is by far the most popular means of communicating. Once I get started again I am typically going to be sat at the Mac for 5 or so hours with multiple IM conversations open, three browsers open and if necessary will stay there all night.

Dinner is a light snack of salad, sandwich etc and I will always take time out to play with Moreno and Saidi and catch up with Sands. It is sad but when she is blogging Almerimar Life we are very likely to iChat to each other!

I very rarely socialise these days, but when I do I tend not to go out until 10 pm either fortdinner with Sands or drinks and tapas with Sands. Once in a while I will go out with the boys in which case I tend to get home about 6am, and have taught myself to avoid the temptation of looking at emails at that time. Despite having the iPhone I don’t check emails or anything at all when I am out. My view is that I spend enough time in front of the Mac during the day so when I am out I just concentrate on being out. If I am with Sands I wont even take my phone with me.

Weekends are very similar, but with only the affiliate marketing to worry about really I relax a lot more. I tend to prepare posts and reviews for this site at weekends, do any podcast and videocast for Almerimar Life, and whenever possible get out on the Harley, take photographs, watch movies, play with the Wii or PS2, work on projects etc.

It is a pretty solitary and unsociable life but I love it that way. One day I want to spend more time exploring Spain on the Harley with Sands and my camera but for now I am very content with life here with Sands, Moreno and of course Saidi now.

So that is my day/life. If you have any comments or questions let me know. If you want to share your Life in a Day with the site please email me.

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  1. I can see that it was a ‘thinking out loud’ post. I’m a bit confused whether I should envy or pity you. On one hand the ‘life of Larry’, on the other a ‘Billy no mates’. Well, give or take, you know what I mean.

    I suppose that not being a parent frees you from a lot of life’s structure though the cats have filled in to an extent. Retiring so early though is as big bonus. In your place, I’d replace all that on-line ‘virtual life’ with a lot more hands on stuff, especially as you have a wife a bike and a camera to hand. I’d take them all and go exploring instead of sitting on your arse in front of an albeit lovely Apple display keeping in touch with saddos like us who’d love to have your freedom (I guess we should admire your sacrifice!)

    No wonder you find it hard to lose weight with that sedentary lifestyle! Nice to have the choice though you lucky bleeder haha. I’m sure you’ve earned it 🙂

  2. Certainly agree that I need to get out and about more with the camera, and exercise more – they are two priorities. Am planning that with Almerimar Life we will get out most weekends with the camera.

    I do move around during the day a fair amount – the cats see to that as I tend to spend time up on the roof with them.

    I love the solitude of the lifestyle though. By way of comparison over here in Dubai I am with people 24/7 and it drives me nuts – all the time wasted talking crap, waiting on taxi’s, in restaurants etc etc 🙂

    I think that the way things are progresssing I should get the balance that I want.

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