MacGraPhoto Giveaway – 21 lucky MacGraPhoto Buyers will receive Bonuses

Apparent Software today announces a special offer for MacGraPhoto bundle in which 21 buyers until November 24, 8am GMT will receive one of three gifts: his money back, free HoudahSpot license or free upgrade to ImageFramer 3.

MacGraPhoto is a software promotion which gives Mac users 7 premium graphics applications for the price of one or even for free. Applications in MacGraPhoto satisfy most of imaging needs of any Mac user from photo editing and geotagging to vector drawing.

Most Mac bundles lack focus – they collect unrelated applications, and many Mac users usually need only a couple of them. MacGraPhoto bundle is focused exclusively on graphics: it is a hand-picked selection of 7 premium applications from 7 different companies. Most of these applications received Apple “Staff Pick” or Apple Design Award.

All applications participating in the bundle are full versions without any limitations:
* Picturesque – Make images gorgeous (Original price $30)
* GraphicConverter – Universal genius for photo editing (Original price $35)
* ImageFramer – The Mac way to add frames to your pictures (Original price $39)
* Funtastic Photos – Makes photos amazing (Original price $35)
* DrawIt – Simply draw it! (Original price $39)
* HoudahGeo – Know where you took that photo! (Original price $30)
* Graphic Designer Toolbox – Computer generated graphics for designers (Original price $43)

Purchasers of MacGraPhoto until Tuesday, November 24, 8am GMT could win one of the following:
* Full refund of the bundle purchase
* Free upgrade to ImageFramer 3 (10 units)
* Free HoudahSpot license, Spotlight utility from Houdah Software license (10 units)

Pricing and Availability:
MacGraPhoto costs $39.99 (USD), while the total retail cost of the included applications is $251. MacGraPhoto also introduces a rewarding friend-referral program that allows users to get the bundle for free. MacGraPhoto has an affiliate program that allows websites or users to earn money for referring people to MacGraPhoto. The bundle started on 16 November 2009 and will last for 2 weeks

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