Malta’s Child Refugee Abuse

Hitting the inbox this morning an all too familiar mix of depressing stories proving once again that as a race we humans are appalling: to each other and to animals.

One stuck out though, not so much because of the abuse which is appalling but because of where it is: Malta. Have never been to Malta but always heard good things about the place if not bad jokes e.g. how do you make a Maltese cross? Stamp on his toes!

Appears though that they are placing child refugees in adult prisons, and as many don’t have their birth certificates they can’t prove that they are children and not adults. As a result detained children experience violence in detention and are taken advantage of because of their ages. They have no access to necessary services or education. They suffer higher rates of mental illness, including PTSD, anxiety, and depression, made worse by symptoms they may have had before from the traumatic events that led them to Malta.

More information and a petion to stop this abuse over on the Care2 Petition Site

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