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Man Utd Next Manager

Fergie may we have been a genius of a manager (he was certainly successful) but he has rapidly shown himself to be a disaster in the boardroom, and a huge liability.

I don’t think anybody thought that David Moyes was ‘ready’ for the job as Manchester United Manager (except it seems for Fergie and Moyes himself) but given United track record with Fergie of giving managers time to establish themselves there was a certain logic.

I don’t for one minute think that Moyes did himself any favours, especially if it is true that he was showing the United players videos of Evertin and saying that was how he wanted them to play!

But he certainly wasn’t helped by the poor succession planning of the Board (Fergie and Gill going at same time), and by being allowed to bring in his own backroom staff and get rid of those with proven ability and knowledge of the club and the players.

And then there is the ‘side that needs rebuilding’ which isn’t exactly what Fergie wrote in his second autobiography, when he praised the likes of Anderson and Nani! Moyes himself when winning the Charity Shield credited it to Fergie as it was ‘his team’. The very same team that has performed so poorly this season.

Is it cynical to say that the Charity Shield was so early in the season the new training regime and style adopted by Moyes hadn’t had time to take effect?

So Moyes has gone (at a cost of £6 million as I am told he had a one year clause in his contract if sacked within the first year rather than the usual two year – a sign of their expectations no doubt!, plus the £50 million lost revenue associated with the Champions League, plus the additional cost of a new manager and I think it is fair to assume they will have to pay more for new players now to connvince them to a play non Champions League football).

A cracking decision by Fergie, who unbelievably is involved in the farce that has become the selection of a new manager.

Moyes was always going to have the shadow of Fergie hovering above him, but the new manager is now going to be well and truly stuck between a rock (Fergie on the board) and a hard place (the class of 92 coaching staff).

Seems there are two options now: Giggs and the Class of 92, but they seem to have ruled that out.

Louis van Gaal who they seem in a rush to appoint before the World Cup, and who wants to bring in 5 of his own staff and (one assumes) dispense with the Class of 92, and in all probability see Giggs leave United.

Or there is a third option. Wait until the end of the season. For one moment let’s assume Ancelotti wins the treble with Real Madrid, what a perfect time to leave as it wont get any better than that. On the other hand they don’t win all three, failure all round (LOL) so he may as well leave,

Ancelotti as Director of Football for two years: big enough and ugly enough to shield Giggs from the Board, mature enough to work to develop Giggs and the Class of 92, and after two years …. a place on the Board based on how successful (or not) the team is.

As for Fergie: sacked from the board, remain as an ambassador and left to get on with what he is good at: talking about himself through rose tinted glasses. Well Harvard are giving him a visiting professor gig so that should keep him happy!

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