Many years ago, living in the UK, my Pilates Instructor tried to persuade me to buy some MBT (Movement Through Instability) shoes that she had just started to sell. At the time I wasn’t interested thinking they couldn’t really make that much difference, that I was fit so wouldn’t benefit from them, and they had no street cred!

Fact forward what must be nearly 15 years and I am the proud owner of two pairs. I have a Gortex pair for winter and a pair of sandals (what used to be called Jesus Boots I recall in the non politically correct days of my youth) for the summer.

Over the last five years a total lack of exercise, hours on end sat at the computer, and the summer heat have caused my to retain fluid in my legs, which have a tendency to swell and ache.

I bought the shoes in attempt to alleviate those problems (which combined with more exercise and less time at the computer are much improved) but since I have been walking the dogs along the beach in them I have been really amazed at how much better my knee has become.

They work on creating a better balance, improving your core, and strengthening all the small stabilising muscles in your legs.

Basically they work! They look great as well!

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