McDonalds in France

Up until last week I can’t recall the last time that I endured a McDonalds ‘meal’, such is my dislike of them, but last week I was talked into one ….. and boy did I regret it.

For the record my last (ever) McDonalds was on Friday 2nd December at 9.30pm in of all places France. I paid 16.10€ for a Deluxe Fillet of Fish (undercooked) for my friend, something called a Royal Bacon Deluxe (which was neither Royal or Deluxe) and a large portion of French Fries.

Disgusting would be too polite a word to describe the meal and the whole experience.

Depressing is the other word that comes to mind.

I have driven through France a lot over the last 12 months since we started our ALStrays cat re-homing and transport project here in Spain. For me that has always been the best way to see France: through the window of a car at 130 km/h. I have many friends who have moved to France over the years and they love it, say it is the best thing they did and generally quote the quality and pace of life as the main attractions.

I just don’t get it. To me it is never open, either early when I want some fuel or food on the road, and certainly not later than 9pm if you want to get food.

That is except McDonalds which I have to say has rather worryingly spread across France these last couple of years almost as quickly as the fat spreads through the bodies of the obese people that seem to devour them. Now of course not all people that eat in McDonalds are obese. Some still have a few Big Macs to tuck away first but give them time ………

While I have never been a great fan of the French food, liking it enough but never raving over it, I can’t help but think it somewhat ironic that the country is slowly been taken over by the big yellow M, or in many cases a green one as if that makes it any better.

Friday night, 9.30pm in France and the place was packed with the so called glamorous cafe society youth of France, and they looked far from elegant and sophisticated as they chomped through their meals.

No sorry but it isn’t for me.

And despite my general apathy towards France I must say that I am somewhat depressed at how many McDonalds I pass on my regular drives through the country, and I can’t help feel that France would be so much better off without them ……. but then again I think the whole world would be!!

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