Mobile phone effect on fertility – ‘research needed’

I know that the youth of today are unlikely to be bothered reading the ‘proper news’, taking advice from their elders, or worrying about the future. After all ‘we’ didn’t so why should they?

Well maybe the young men out there should take a look at this article on the BBC site

A review of the evidence, by the University of Exeter, suggested sperm number and movement were affected by keeping mobile phones in pockets.

The study, published in the journal Environment International, suggested electromagnetic radiation was to blame.

It analysed 10 separate studies on sperm quality involving 1,492 men. These included laboratory tests on sperm exposed to mobile phone radiation and questionnaires of men at fertility clinics.

Lead researcher Dr Fiona Mathews told the BBC that all but one of the studies showed a link between mobile phone exposure and poorer sperm quality.

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