Moreno Teaching Oscar How To Open A Box

Has been a while since I posted anything to do with the cats, in fact it has been a while since I posted anything come to think of it!!! I have sort of extended my recent week off as it is so hot here at the moment and I am only really doing a couple of hpurs writing in the morning, then trying to do some exercise, get some sun, relax for the rest of the day.

Moreno has always loved boxes! He can’t wait to get them open and then inpsect the contents before having a good play in the box. Saidi has never been so keen, but with little Oscar he has a perfect pupil!!! In this brief video Moreno the maestro gives little Oscar a master class on how to open a box!


  1. omg ! i cant believe moreno opened the box amazing , what is it with cats and boxes ? dink loves them 🙂

  2. NZ govt wanted us to be 1st smoke free country in world but never happened. For now they’ve started with a couple of parks!

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