Mountain Bike (Video)

I haven’t been exactly prolific with the Go Pro Hero 3 or indeed the Corratec X-Vert Motion 2013 off road bike, but I have settled on a circuit through the nature reserve and along the beach.

It is ideal for what I want as although there are tracks through the nature reserve, they are covered in sand so there is no respite and you are prone to a sudden stop if you don’t keep pedaling.

The circuit is about 10km (see below) but it is a relentless 10km with no time to free wheel and it requires pretty intense bursts of power to get through the drifts and up the hills.

I suspect it will be easier come the winter when the sand (and mud) gets some moisture but the dryness at the moment just makes it harder.

The plan is to double the circuit so a 20km one hour training session, twice a week to compliment the road cycling.

It is certainly using a different set of muscles (upper and lower body) and is a higher average heart rate than the road bike.

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