Muchichili and other orphaned baby elephants still need you

When Muchichili was first found, alone and so weak, we weren’t sure if the baby elephant would make it. But he has survived so far, and with your gift today, you can help us provide the constant care and companionship he needs. Please donate today to help us save Muchichili, and all the animals who urgently need us.

Muchichili was found close to death on an island in the Lower Zambezi River in Zambia. He was dehydrated and malnourished. His ribs were exposed. His skin, thin and patchy.

For a baby elephant, losing its mother is catastrophic.

The bond between a baby elephant and its mother is a close one. Baby elephants stay close to their mothers for the first 2 to 3 years of life. Females usually remain with their mothers for their entire lives.

Some orphaned elephants will weep for hours on end. They’ve been known to wake up in the middle of the night screaming from terrifying nightmares.

Orphaned elephants need constant reassurance and highly-specialised care to survive.

Muchichili is receiving the specialised care, around-the-clock bottle feedings, and companionship he needs to recover physically and emotionally. He’ll need this care for years to come.

You can help Muchichili and other orphans survive.

We just can’t stand by while elephants are killed and their orphaned babies suffer and die.

IFAW is leading the charge to save elephants and end the deadly ivory trade.

Our expert staff and partners are working tirelessly to raise baby elephants orphaned by cruel poachers. And we’re working to reduce the demand for ivory … to close ivory markets … to stop the smuggling of ivory … and to train rangers to protect elephant populations.

We need your help now to save elephants.

You were so generous before when you donated to help suffering animals. Now I’m hoping you’ll help baby elephants and other orphaned animals today.

You can donate here

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