Naked Apple

Over the last couple of weeks I have stopped using cases on my iPhone and iPad. It all started six weeks ago when I was driving to Germany with our ALStrays cat re-homing and transport project as I use the iPhone for my Sat Nav (Tom Tom application for Western Europe is absolutely brilliant) and for music through the radio auxiliary jack. The Tom Tom car dock doesn’t work with a case, so fed up with having to keep taking a case on and off, I left the case at home and realised how liberating it was!

It has always been a bug bearer of mine: we buy Apple products because of their tactile feel, great designs, and the fact that they just feel ‘so right’ in our hands, but then the first thing we do is cover them up! I am as guilty, if not more than the next man, as I have three cases for my current iPhone 4, including an extend battery one.

Despite the still atrocious battery life on the iPhone 4 and the obvious risk of scratching it I am thoroughly enjoying my naked iPhone. It feels and looks so much better stripped of any cover!

Ditto my iPad! I use it on the journeys in a car mount that works better without a case on the iPad and again I have enjoyed the tactile feel of he iPad in my hands so much so that I have left the case of it as well.

Of course they are at risk if I drop them, or when I stuff them in a bag but at the end of the day they are a commodity to be used and enjoyed and the reality is that if I added up all the money I have spent on cases over the years I would have enough to buy and new iPad and iPhone by now so that is the way forward for me.

Naked Apple all the way for me from now onwards!

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