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Nespresso Magimix M190 Review

Living in Spain it is hard not to become a lover of coffee, and as a bit of a self-confessed gadget junkie I love the effective appliance of technology in every day life, and if you throw in some Apple like packaging and a range of cool accessories you pretty much guarantee making me a happy chappie.

The Magimix M190 certainly qualifies – am a very happy chappie indeed.

In an ideal world I would prefer a huge chrome coffee machine like the bars, cafe’s and restaurants have, that ground the coffee, frothed the milk, and made multiple coffees at the same time. I have absolutely no need for one that big but heh …… since when did need come into it when talking gadget desire?


Sleek, this and very trendy!

The machine itself is very neat, sleek and cool looking but by far it’s main strengths are the speed with which it makes the coffee and the total lack of mess, due to a neat combination of the use of capsules and a container to hold the dispensed capsules, so no coffee grains of drips.


Water container at the back, and very accessible

The water container at the back slips on and off easily, or can be filled by removing the lid and holds enough water for at least 3 days normal use.


Note the container for the used capsules

I have mixed thoughts about the use of capsules. On one hand they are more expensive, and I have a natural dislike of being tied into one supplier (although I assume that in due course some OEM Brand will emerge), but on the other hand they are so convenient and with the dispenser built into the machine so clean and efficient it is hard not to like them.

Nespresso have a pretty good range of capsules and they average out at 35¢ plus p&p which isn’t too bad at all.


Cool Cube for storing the capsules, and neat sleeves of capsules

There are a LOT of pretty cool accessories to enhance your coffee drinking experience and the Cube is a pretty cool way of storing the capsules and adding a bit of colour to your kitchen.


Particularly like the ‘creamy’ nature of the coffee

At the end of the day though the real measure is always how good does the coffee taste? With Nespresso you basically either buy a espresso capsule or something they call a lungo – which is effect makes a larger cup of coffee. In reality you can use the espresso to make a larger cup (just use the lungo setting) but I wouldn’t advice using the lungo for an espresso, or any espresso based coffee like a cappuccino.

If you are interested you can check out the different types of coffee drank in Spain here.

It was the taste actually that first convinced us to get the Nespresso system. Sands tried it at a friends one afternoon and came back enthusing about the quality, convenience and ease of use and when that happens years of experience has taught me that we will be buying one!!


Video of the Magimix M190 in use with some excellent help from my assistant Sands, with a special guest appearance by Moreno at the end of the video.


At 22€ the Cube is a pretty expensive box to keep your capsules in, but it does add a touch of colour to the kitchen, and ensures the capsules are handy to the machine and kept in one place.



This is way cool, I mean really really cool. Even if you don’t have a Nespresso machine I would get one if you drink Latte’s, Cappuccino or anything that requires heated or steamed milk.

With it’s separate base and power supply it can be used anywhere, and it has tow really neat little whisks that are attached to the lid magnetically when not in use. One is used to warm the milk, the other to froth is a la Cappuccino, and boy does it do it quickly, efficenty and very very well indeed.

At £46 it is reasonably priced and a simply brilliant addition to the Magimix M190, or any other coffee machine come to that.

Update: Michael York Espresso Aficionado has published an excellent Ultimate Expresso Guide

Very effective and neat whisks, with a very cool magnetic fitting

As with everything from Nespresso, it looks great!



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