New and Second Hand Apple Products

Received this information on a new site that is new and second hand Apple products that you may find useful or interesting:

The applenotebook.info web site offers consumers an easy way to locate the items they want and need. It is exclusive to Apple products and accessories, potentially saving them time, money and effort. Consumers can use applenotebook.info to search for products and deals from eBay at their convenience without having to wade through the clutter of eBay.

Visiting applenotebook.info is intended to be easy, safe, and fun for consumers who want to zero in on specific items at a good price while enjoying the secure transaction that eBay offers. “People like the deals they get at eBay, but hate having to search through the cumbersome navigation and ad filled pages that ebay has” says Val Morales, founder of applenotebook.info. “They’re typically looking to buy multiple items, and browsing through multiple auctions. At applenotebook.info we give the user a clear overview of the products, prices, and time left on auctions.It’s a real bird eye view for the customer.”

“Shopping habits are changing, consumers are very brand loyal, and they don’t want to sift through five different brands just to find what they are looking for,” says Morales. “Which is why we brought together all products from one manufacturer in an easy and clear way.” Morales adds, “the current applenotebook.info site to be just the begining, and as they better understand the requirements of their visitors they will improve both the site and the user experience by offering tutorials, videos, and extras all related to Apple products.”

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  1. It’s an interesting idea, but with the extra cost of importing from the states I don’t think it would be any good for us here. It is called Applenotebookinfo but there were no MacBook Pros as far as I could see.

    I don’t imagine Macbook owners will downgrade to the Air, I imagine buyers of that product will do so to augment or compliment their existing Mac usage

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