New Horizon Beta

When Sands reviewed Horizon she liked it and had a few comments to make on ways to improve it. The new beta is available to download and it adds three major new features: there’s a weekly view available from the ‘View’ menu, and comments can be added to both categories and individual cells. The comments will appear when you hover over the cells. What I really like is the fact the developer contacted Sands with this information and included in the email, “I know this was the feature you were most interested in, so I hope you’ll give this beta a try and let me know what you think.” Well what she thinks is that is is a good improvement on the version she looked at, and what I think is that if her head gets any bigger she wont be able to get it through the door!


  1. @Chris – You want to check those links again? The Horizon link looks like it goes to your bio, and the download starts the download. Yet I forget, what is Horizon and what did it do? Didn’t want to download something without knowing if I need it or not. 🙂

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