No in-or-out EU referendum, says David Cameron

Interesting article in the Independent where Cameron bluntly dismisses the prospect of an in-out referendum (albeit with the hint that he may agree to a referendum if the crisis in the eurozone leads to a new treaty).

His rational for this position: he claims to know what the country wants, despite never having asked the country the one simple specific question, or indeed taking into account the recent Vote UK out of the EU YouGov poll which clearly indicated that two thirds of the people that voted for the conservatives at the last election want out of the EU, as do the majority of the country.

To make matters worse later in the article he is quoted as rejecting the suggestion that he could not understand what people were going through as he had never experienced financial hardship.

“I think what matters in leadership is do you listen to people, do you understand their concerns?”

Now that surely is ironic? Having never asked the public what they want over the EU (and if he was that confident why would he worry about a vote ….. why worry about something you know you will win!!), he is saying that the mark of a great leader is that they listen to people.

That either makes him: a poor leader, deaf or a liar as far as I can work out!

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