Ontario, Don’t Bring Back the Spring Bear Hunt!

The “spring bear hunt” has been banned in Ontario for 15 years. Now, the government is bringing it back — putting mothers and newborn cubs in danger.

Every fall, hunters in Ontario have free rein to slaughter the black bears that call Ontario home. They used to be able to do it every spring, too — until fifteen years ago, when Conservative premier Mike Harris banned the hunt to protect mothers and cubs. Now, the Ontario government is reinstating the hunt — exposing the animals to cruel, painful deaths.

It’s true that more black bears have been spotted in Ontario cities. But according to studies, the spring hunt did nothing to prevent these so-called “nuisance sightings.” Instead, the best way to keep bears out of human territory was through a program called “trap and release:” a humane alternative to slaughter that, unfortunately, got axed by the government in 2012.

With the return of the hunt, innocent bears w ill be lured into clearings by bait and then blasted from afar with ammunition. And at a time when mothers are still raising young cubs, that could be disastrous for baby bears left orphaned by overzealous hunters.

There are easier, cheaper ways to make sure bears and humans can co-exist without resorting to murder. Demand a permanent end to the spring bear hunt in Ontario!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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