Order Your Coffee On The Go

I try and avoid buying coffee in the UK. It is expensive, weak, and you wait an age for it to be made. I don’t like having to pay for it before I consume it, and what is it with the concept of having to queue to order it, pay for it, stand around waiting for it to be made, and then try and find a seat to drink it?

If you want coffee come to Spain typically 1€ a cup, you sit at a table and order it, they bring it to you, and you pay when you have consumed it. Very civilised, in fact as good an example as any as to why the UK is not European.

Very very occasionally on an ALStrays pet transport I do need a coffee, and each time I think it would be a great opportunity for a decent application on the Samsung S4 (or iPhone). I am sure that a combination of the GPS, WiFi and Sat Nav should enable me to pre-order a coffee from a Service Station and for it to be ready when I arrived.

Of course this would remove the opportunity to ‘sell’ cake and rubbish as I stand for hours in their queue, and I doubt they would have the sense to track my estimated time of arrival so my coffee would be cold, but if they got it right it would actually be a useful application.

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