Pavement Etiquette

Was wondering what the correct (if indeed there is one) etiquette is these days when using the pavement (sidewalk for certain readers), especially when walking with dogs.

I ask because here in Almerimar on a typical walk with our dogs we will encounter: joggers, cyclists, fellow dog walkers, walkers, shoppers (generally older woman with shopping bags on wheels), but very rarely any children or teenagers.

Over time I have established my own set of ‘rules’ on how to navigate those encountered.

Walkers: I move over and give them right of way, ensuring the dogs are tight on their leads and (hopefully) unable to jump up to say hello. I keep walking though as I feel that we both have exactly the same right to be on the pavement.

Shoppers: I stop and ensure the dogs are off the pavement (where possible) and held tight on their leads. Not being sexist but the majority of these people are elderly ladies and apart from it being the decent thing to do I reckon that it is easier for me to control the dogs than it is for them to move over, and as we both have the same right to be on the pavement I feel this is appropriate.

Fellow Dog Walkers: pull the dogs in tight on their lead, move over to the right side of the pavement and keep going. Usually the dogs want to stop and sniff, but that is their choice I treat this as ‘normal traffic’, both equally entitled to be on the pavement but if I stopped and moved aside for every dog we encountered I would never get home.

Joggers: starts to get a little ‘grey’ here, but my general view is that they should move over as far easier for them to do so and at the end of the day pavements are there for walkers not for people taking exercise.

Cyclist: remember I am a cyclist! My view is very very clear. Cyclists should not be on the pavements at all. If I see one cycling towards me I will not deviate at all. I will ensure the dogs are safe behind me and I walk down the middle of the pavement and will not budge. Without exception I will tell the cyclist that they should be on the road.

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