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The HarmonyAudio (£59) from Miglia is a great product that looks good alongside your Mac, works a treat, and is really simple to set up. Oh yes, it does a great job as well!

HarmonyAudio combines high quality audio conversion with incredible ease of use

Now an obvious drawback of reviewing an audio product is that it isn’t really feasible to demonstrate the quality of the sound, so we are going to have to take their word on that. For my part I can say that it sounded great to me, but again everyones ear is different. Miglia claim that is provides high quality audio encoding:

Powered by a high quality chip made by Oxford Semiconductors, the leaders in FireWire technology, Harmony Audio provides high quality audio encoding at 96 kHz/24 bits on two inputs. It also features 8 outputs for additional configuration flexibility.

As fas as I can tell, and am concerned it does – so ✓

While we are at it then lets look at some of their other claims:

Harmony Audio is the answer to your prayers, it’s so simple to use just plug it in and play away to your hearts content. With high quality audio conversion at 24 bits/96 kHz and a Firewire interface, recording music onto your Mac becomes child’s play. Simply launch Garageband and play away.

Plug and Play? I wish I had a $ for everytime I had been told that and an hour later was still plugging with not a hope of playing in site. Well as far as the HarmonyAudio goes it gets another ✓

Connect your instrument or microphone and get jamming! You can even setup a 7.1 system thanks to the 8 line level outputs. HarmonyAudio features Miglia’s exclusive SoftClipâ„¢ Technology, which prevent harsh sounding digital clipping when the audio input level is too high.

I don’t play an instrument, but I do few podcast segments, and a fledgling podcast on AlmerimarLife from time to time, so I was able to test out the SoftClipâ„¢ Technology. Again it gets a ✓

All that leaves then are the looks. Now this I can share with you as you can see below. I liked it. The size and form factor is very neat and very Mac like. Having the various sockets at the front and back seemed a little strange at first, but worked very well. So as far as I am concerned another ✓



As ythey say:

Harmony Audio is all about making your life as simple as possible, leaving you to worry about more important things.

Here is some other information that you may want to know:

  • HarmonyAudio is fully Core Audio compatible, ensuring trouble free operation with compliant applications like GarageBand, Logic Express, Logic Audio and many more.
  • Whether you’re a solo artist or a full band, no worries, simply plug in as many additional units as you want, what could be easier?
  • Thanks to the FireWire Bus, Harmony Audio doesn’t require external power from any additional sources; the product becomes as mobile as you.
  • Designed to last, HarmonyAudio’s case is made of Aluminium and anodised in cool silver.

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  1. This looks fantastic – looking forward to trying one of these from two perspectives.

    Firstly with 2 mics and garageband for creating podcasts for my school and secondly as a guitar player. Really interested to see how it handles the podcast recording as 2 separate tracks and with the guitar, how it copes with the acoustic which is always a pain to record with full warmth etc using the built in guitar pick up and the mic input on the powerbook.

    The concept of chaining them together is interesting. Garageband has multi-track capabilities but I’ve never been able to try them out. Currently we have the school xmas concert on and I keep thinking about grabbing a good audio feed from the mics in place.

    On a design from, looks good – trying to determine from the pic its actual size but looks as if it is small and neat enough to fit in a pack easily. And it looks cool!!!

  2. Funny you mention this product. Last week I checked it out on their web site.

    For me any audio interface must have XLR mic inputs. While this unit isn’t very expensive, I don’t like the look of the cheap 1/4″ jacks, the 1/8″ jacks for audio out should have been phono sockets, and the fiddly controls. Why spoil the ship but for a hap’orth o’ tar?

    That seems harsh I know, for the price it seems a good spec. I like the use of firewire for example, but I’d rather pay more for the extra functionality & features. I’m not their target buyer I guess 🙁

  3. I have a couple of friends that are producers and they use this product for them it really works as they use logic. Thanks for the post.

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