Players Feigning Injury

Have been waiting to see if any of the so called ‘expert pundits’ were going to state the obvious with regards the recent Dr Gate situation at Chelsea when the medical profession did their job: player went down injured, referee stopped play and waved them on to attend, they ran on to attend …… Moreno did well not to fall over his dummy which he had spat out!

Graham Souness came the closest when he alluded to players not always being as badly hurt as they make out, although he was quick to point out that he wasn’t saying that about Hazard, but then again that is no surprise ….. Sky invest a lot in football, footballers get paid a lot because of Sky, numerous over rated pundits get paid a lot by Sky, so do Sky really want their people telling us mere mortals what we already know …….. the football (and Premier League in particular) is full of cheats!

Not repeating 10 yards, kicking the ball away, stealing yards for throw ins and free kicks, pulling people back in the penalty area, the ‘professional foul’, diving and last but no means least feigning injury are all examples of how the incredibly well paid players cheat us incredibly less paid mugs that watch them, while the very well paid pundits do their best to tell us we are in fact blind and stupid and the game we are watching and trying not to fall asleep through is packed full of brilliance, excellence and the current favourite World Class.

I mean Sky are even spending money (I assume they pay for their own adverts) trying to get Thierry Henry to convince is that the Premier League is the best in the world, so much so that we haven’t had a team pass the Quarter Final Stage of the Champions League in how many years is it now?

Just because something costs a lot doesn’t make it the best!

Anyway back to Chelsea I was waiting for two points to be made: first that the medical staff were doing what they were paid to do and had been instructed to do by the referee …. attend to the player that was injured on the pitch. I am not sure if they were meant to be able to diagnose that the player wasn’t really injured from the sideline, although (and here I am with Moreno) we all pretty much knew he wasn’t based on a) the initial challenge, b) the law of average which shows how infrequently a player actually requires treatment and c) the amount of cheating that goes on by players (and is therefore I assume condoned by the managers), which does eventually bring me to my point! Moreno’s actions showed nothing less than he knew that Hazard wasn’t injured, maybe he has previous, maybe they are coached to act that way, but it seems that Moreno knew (and that Hazard lacked the intelligence to know that once treated he would go off and put his team under pressure) so we get the blame game: the medics got blamed, not the player for feigning the injury, not the Manager for condoning it, not the other Chelsea players who should have had the same awareness as their Manager that Hazard going off would leave them with one less player.

World Class? I think not!

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