Poaching Rampant Inside the UK

Recent reports reveal that poachers are killing and abusing animals in urban parks inside the UK.

Did you know that domestic poachers are killing thousands of animals in urban parks in the UK? Even though domestic poaching is illegal and on the rise, the police are failing to even monitor these crimes.

Tell the government to crack down on domestic wildlife crime!

When most of us think of poaching, we envision heartless hunters in foreign countries stalking and killing tigers or rhinos. But wildlife crime is happening right here in the UK, and it’s equally heartless and illegal.

Modern gangs in the UK are poisoning rabbits, deer, and other wildlife, and selling their parts for huge profits. And even though these vicious killings are happening with increasing frequency, police forces are not required to keep statistics on wildlife crime. This just gives poachers a better chance at escaping from justice and being able to kill again.

Please sign the petition to urge the government to establish wildlife crime reporting practices that will help protect these animals and bring domestic poachers to justice.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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