Polar’s new GPS watch also offers activity tracking for $200

My first heart monitor watch was a Polar. Is (many) years ago now but I recall it was good, so would be tempted by the new Polar GPS watch.

Polar, on the other hand, is turning its hardcore GPS-equipped running watches into 24/7 activity trackers like the V800. If that device was a little too rich for your blood, however, then the company is hoping that the M400 will be better suited to your budget. The $200 wearable is available in black or white, and offers the usual raft of fitness options like end time estimation, back-to-start directions and tailored running programs. You’ll also be able to funnel your data through the Polar Flow app and service, enabling you to see the routes that other local runners took. Battery-wise, the company promises that it’ll last for 24 days as a timepiece and activity tracker, or nine hours as a GPS watch. It’ll hit stores towards the end of the year, and as usual with Polar’s products, you can grab an additional Bluetooth heart-rate monitor for an extra $50. Engadget

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