Pre Launch look at MacCreative

I have been looking at a great new site this week called MacCreative which is a new creative resource site for Apple users. The aim of the site is to bring together a range of tutorials, applications, plugins and research sites focused on the digital creative technologies. The site has a slight bias on the Moving Image Arts such as film making and animation production but photographers and designers should find the site of equal benefit.

As well as Mac specific resources the site aims to list additional professional support resources such as creative bodies, film and media competitions and the various film institutes from around the world.

If you are creatively involved with your Mac whether creating and editing family photos right through to editing the latest film epic Maccreative.net will be a great source of information.

The site is the brain child of the DigMo! Team, and while it has a few recognisable similarities with other ‘networking’ and ‘informational’ sites, the way it has been put together is unique and shows a lot of potential.

You will see that I have a new addition in the sidebar, which gives you the option to rate this blog on their site – so please feel free to do just that!

The site is scheduled to launch on Monday, so I wanted to give you a pre launch preview, so if you have the time (and inclination) head on over and take a look – and of course let me know what you think.

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  1. Looks as if this may have some potential. Some interesting links covering a range of creative avenues. I’ll be interested to see how there ‘magic-mix’ of social networking ideas works for them.

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