Presecription Sunglasses

I have worn (or needed) glasses since I was 14 when an accident at school left me short sighted, which still seems weird. Having being knocked out I subsequently found my eye site wasn’t great and it turned out I was short sighted. On the basis that I wasn’t before the accident it was either a remarkable coincidence or a very strange result from the accident.

Anyway in all the time since (36 years) I have never bothered to get any prescription sunglasses. For years I wore contacts so that sort of removed the need for any, but it is strange that I never bothered, especially as I have spent so many years in Florida or Spain.

One reason may be that I collected sunglasses for several years. Spend as much time as I did in airports wandering past Sunglass Hut booths and you eventually crack! A couple of years ago I counted them all: 17 pairs I had then!

I have since paired that down to a more reasonable 8 pairs, well make that 10 as I just added a couple of pairs of prescription sunglasses from www.sunglasses-shop.co.uk who were excellent.

I got some Ray-Ban Wayfarer for day to day use and some Adidas Sports for Cycling.

And what a difference they have made ….. to my back! May sound weird but the reality is that when you are 6ft 4ins and short sighted you tend to spend a lot of time looking down just ahead of your feet (or front wheel) and the first thing I have really noticed when walking the dogs or riding a bike is that I am looking much further ahead of me, which means my back and neck are straighter thus less pressure on the middle of my back.

Really wish I had figured that would be the case years ago!

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