Prince Harry, Why Did You Kill This Buffalo?

Less than a week after Prince Harry pledged to do everything he could to save Africa’s wildlife, a photo has emerged of him crouching over the body of a dead water buffalo.

At a conference on Thursday, February 13, Prince Charles — flanked by his two sons, Harry and William — warned that the imminent extinction of some of the world’s most precious species would have “dire consequences for humanity.” Less than a week later, a photo has emerged of Harry crouched over the body of a slaughtered water buffalo.

Though the water buffalo is not endangered, the prince’s actions show a disregard for animal welfare to a degree that is truly alarming from someone who has pledged to fight widespread extinction.

Harry has also been known to stalk stags and went boar shooting in Spain just ten days ago.

This particular photo was taken in 2004, when Harry went on a gap year trip to South America. During the trip, he and his then-girlfriend Chelsy Davy joined an expedition to hunt big game, staying at a private lodge in the province of Entre Rios. The buffalo was considered the “trophy kill” for Argentinian hunters.

How many more innocent animals will die at Prince Harry’s hands? How can we trust him to stand up to save wildlife if he won’t even save the buffalo, boars and stags he kills for fun? We deserve answers: Sign the petition to demand them from Harry immediately.

You can sign the petition here

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