Protect Elephants in South Africa!

The South African government plans to scrap important protections for elephants. It’s critical that they do more to protect these vulnerable animals, not less.

Last year alone, more than 35,000 elephants in Africa were killed for their ivory. If this rate continues, the African elephant could be extinct by 2020. In the midst of this crisis, the South African government is planning to remove some of the current welfare protections for elephants.

Click here to sign a petition demanding that the South African government maintain policies that protect elephants.

The Elephant Norms and Standards were created in 2008 to prevent cruelty toward elephants in South Africa and protect the biodiversity where elephants live. Yet the government’s proposed changes could allow the removal of elephants from the wild for captivity. The revisions could also allow elephants to be exported out of South Africa, opening up an easy path to trade and launder these animals.

With so many elephants being killed each year, it is shocking that the government has decided to strip away these crucial protections.

We have to convince the South African government to preserve the policies that protect elephants. Conservationists have formed an alliance to oppose these harmful policy changes. Let’s join them in demanding protection for elephants in South Africa before it’s too late.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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