Protect Grizzly Bears from Jumbo Glacier Resorts!

Jumbo Glacier Resorts is planning to build a $1 billion ski resort in Invermere, British Columbia. But the location of the resort would threaten grizzly bears in B.C. and the United States. In fact, a leading expert has found that grizzly populations in the area are depressed, bringing them close to (or below) the threatened population threshold.

Sign the petition urging the Environmental Assessment Office to deny the resort’s environmental certificate.

Not surprisingly, the resort claims that there will be little impact on the grizzlies – yet they are using scientific data that is 15 years old to support their argument. More recent studies show that bear populations are almost 50 percent smaller than previous estimates.

Experts agree that the size and nature of the development will result in the loss of grizzly bears locally and regionally. And there are no examples in North America where grizzly bears have coexisted successfully with this kind of development over the long term.

Jumbo Glacier Resorts is clearly choosing profit over science and protecting endangered grizzly bears. Fortunately, the resort’s environmental certificate expired last week, which means that no more construction can take place unless the certificate is renewed. We have to act now to convince the Environmental Assessment Office not to renew the certificate for Jumbo Glacier Resorts!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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