Protect threatened British seahorses

Studland Bay in Dorset is the only place in the country where both native seahorse species – the spiny seahorse and the short-snouted seahorse – breed successfully.

Eelgrass is as important to seahorses as the jungle is to orangutans. The eelgrass is being damaged by yachts’ anchors, putting the lives of the seahorses at risk. The bay needs to be legally protected from this damage by becoming a Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) with eco-friendly moorings for boats.

DEFRA, (The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs), is the government department that designates MCZs. Unfortunately, it has not yet put forward Studland Bay for consideration citing ‘impact on commercial fishing, local port and harbour activity and recreational boating activities.’

DEFRA is currently consulting on potential MCZs. Please sign now to tell DEFRA to give Studland Bay Marine Conservation Zone status to protect the eelgrass and save our seahorses!

You can sign the care2 petition here

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