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Protect yellow-bellied gliders from logging!

Yellow-bellied gliders, a vulnerable possum living in the forests of north Queensland, are under threat from logging companies. Despite their forest habitat being officially recognized as an endangered ecosystem, the government continues to allow logging there.

Rupert was outraged when he learned about the destruction of these forests and the yellow-bellied gliders that depend on them, so he started a Care2 petition urging the Queensland government to protect the gliders. Will you sign it?

These gliders can only live where enough rain supports the two kinds of trees basic to their food and shelter – but logging companies are destroying these areas. Logging results in an immediate loss of food for the gliders and other wildlife. Plus, the loss of young trees means an increased risk of erosion, weed invasion and fire in the future.

Powerful logging companies want the government to expand logging areas. On behalf of the vulnerable yellow-bellied gliders, let’s make sure the government hears from us too. Sign the Care2 petition urging Minister Bill Byrne not to allow logging in the gliders’ habitat today!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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